Visualize your CI/CD configuration

WARNING: This feature might not be available to you. Check the version history note above for details.

To see a visualization of your gitlab-ci.yml configuration, navigate to CI/CD > Editor and select the Visualization tab. The visualization shows all stages and jobs. needs relationships are displayed as lines connecting jobs together, showing the hierarchy of execution:

CI Config Visualization

Hovering on a job highlights its needs relationships:

CI Config Visualization on hover

If the configuration does not have any needs relationships, then no lines are drawn because each job depends only on the previous stage being completed successfully.

You can only preview one gitlab-ci.yml file at a time. Configuration imported with includes is ignored and not included in the visualization.

Enable or disable CI/CD configuration visualization (CORE ONLY)

CI/CD configuration visualization is under development and not ready for production use. It is deployed behind a feature flag that is disabled by default. GitLab administrators with access to the GitLab Rails console can enable it.

To enable it:


To disable it: